Oxford CAMRA:
2008 Beer Festival

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The 2008 Oxford Beer Festival took place from Thursday 16th October to Saturday 18th October, at Oxford Town Hall (map), celibrating our eleventh annual event at that venue.

As well as some 140 real ales we had a number of real ciders and perrys, and a selection of foreign bottled beers available.

Our thanks to all the people who helped run the festival, and the members of the public who came and made it such a success; we hope you had a good time!

Beer List

We offered 140 different beers, and we had a duplicate cask of 20 of the beers which were expected to be most popular (the festival had a capacity of 160 firkins overall).

Brewer Beer ABV
AcornOld Moor Porter4.4 
AcornGorlovka Imperial Stout6.0 
AdkinAlfreds Jewel4.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
AdkinJaypees Stout5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
All GatesMild At Heart3.8 
ApplefordBrightwell Gold4.0 
ApplefordPower Station4.2 
ArborOld Nobbley4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
ArborSnuff Jack's Old Ale5.9 
Art Brew BarnArt Nouvele4.2 
Art Brew BarnBrut4.4 
AscotAnnastasias Exile Stout5.0 
AvonGurt Lush4.5 
Back YardNipin4.6 
Back YardPipin5.1(+ Saturday duplicate)
BattledownFour Kings7.2 
Best MatesVicar's Daughter3.7 
Best MatesAlfie's4.4 
Best MatesSatan's Sister4.5 
BirminghamPale Ale4.1 
BoggartRuby Tuesday3.8 
BollingtonWhite Nancy4.0 
BrakspearOxford Gold Organic4.0 
BramptonGolden Bud3.8 
BrewdogZeit Geist4.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
BuntingfordGoldern Plover3.8 
BuntingfordOatmeal Stout4.4 
BurfordCotswold Boy3.8 
BurfordBurford Best3.8 
CaledonianSmokey Pete4.3 
Castle RockScreech Owl5.5 
Cherwell ValleyOld Noll4.8 
Chiltern Three Hundreds Ale4.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
CoastalMerry Maiden Mild4.0 
CoastalGolden Sands5.8 
ConwayMulberry Dark3.8 
Crouch ValeEureka4.6 
Crouch ValeArmarillo5.0 
Dark HorseWhip Cracker5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Dark StarOriginal 5.0(+ Saturday duplicate)
Dark StarPorter5.5 
DerventioBarbarian Porter5.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
Dow BridgeAcris3.8 
Dunham MasseyMilk Stout4.0 
FallonsT.J Fallon3.7 
FallonsOriginal Dark Night4.3(+ Saturday duplicate)
Five TownsDay At The Races4.4(+ Saturday duplicate)
FlibbertigibbetDragon Hill4.3 
Geltsdale Lager4.5 
Great HeckGolden Fleece3.8 
Great OrmeWelsh Black4.0 
HarveysOld Ale4.3 
HeritageSpite Tower Folly3.9 
HeritageScarecrow Wheat4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
HeritageGibbett Justice4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
Hook NortonDark3.2 
Hook NortonOld Hooky4.6 
Hook NortonFlagship5.3 
HopshackleHistoric Ruby Mild5.8 
HopshackleDouble Momentum7.0 
HornbeamLemon Blossom3.7 
IceniPlum Stout6.2 
IronbridgeAutumn Special4.6 
KeswickThirst Chestnut4.2 
LoddonRin Tin Tin4.1 
LymestoneFoundation Pale Ale4.5 
LymestoneStone the Crows5.4 
MilestoneRaspberry Wheat Beer5.6 
MordueThe Ginger4.6 
NaylorsCraven Kriek4.3 
NobbysClaridges Crystal3.6 
NobbysWet Spell4.2 
OakleafGreen Gold4.3 
Old BogDancing Morris4.1 
Old BogWheat Beer5.5 
OssettReal Ale Revolution Porter5.0 
OtleyO Garden4.8 
OtterWitch Otter5.0 
PalmersTally Ho5.5 
Peakstone RockOblivion5.5 
PenzanceCrowlas3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
PenzanceGopher Gold4.9 
PotbellyInner Daze4.6 
PotbellyCrazy Daze5.0 
ProspectNutty Slack3.9(+ Saturday duplicate)
Purple MooseGlaswyn Ale4.2 
Purple MooseMysterious Myrtle Stout4.2(+ Saturday duplicate)
RichmondStation Ale4.0 
RichmondStump Cross4.7 
RidgewayBad Elf4.5 
RidgewayReindeer's Revolt6.0 
RidgewayCriminally Bad Elf10.5 
RodhamsOld Albion5.0 
SaltaireBlackberry Cascade4.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
SkinnersBetty Stogs4.0 
StringersStout4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
ThornbridgeJaipur IPA5.9 
Tripple FFFAltons Pride3.8(+ Saturday duplicate)
TunnelMunich Style Lager5.2 
UleyOld Ric4.5 
UleyOld Spot5.0 
Vale Bricks And Mortar3.7 
Vale Edgar's Golden4.3 
Vale Hadda's Autumn Ale4.5 
West BerksMr Chubb's3.7 
West BerksMagg's Magnificent Mild3.8 
West BerksWedding Ale4.1 
West BerksLeg Cleek4.3 
White HorseWayland Smithy4.4 
White RoseAutumn Gold4.5 
WickwarStation Porter6.1 
WincleUndertaker4.5(+ Saturday duplicate)
WychwoodBig Bertha4.0 
Yard Of AleFirst Yard3.8 
Yorkshire DaleJervaulx Abbey3.8 

Cider List

Producer Name ABV
Border Orchards Medium not known
Bristol Cider Works Sparkling Dry 6.0
CJ's Suprise not known
Crossman Sumersetshire Cider (dry) 6.0
Gwatkin Stoke Red Cider (sweet) 7.5
Hecks Sweet Cider 6.5
Rosie's Triple D Medium Blend 7.4
Ross on Wye Dabinett 6.5
Severn Sider Cider 7.2
Springfield Red Dragon Cider 7.2
Westcroft Janet's Jungle Juice 6.0
Wilkins Farmhouse Cider (Sweet) 6.0

Perry List

Producer Name ABV
Oliver's Perry 6.0
Orchard's Blakeney Red Medium 6.2
Severn Sider Perry 6.4
Wilkins perry not known