Everyone knows that French cuisine is one of the best and the favourite all over the world. They are even more popular with their fresh baked bread and love for cheese. They are also known to have a wide variety of pastry options which you never imagined exists. Finally, they make things even better by washing down the delicious meals with the finest wines in the world. Their wine is unique and the flavour unmatched. These are just a few of the reasons that make French food special to people.

France has a long history when it comes to food and gambling. They don’t just eat food because it is food. To the French, food is a very important part of their culture and can almost be described as a ritual. They put a lot into it as you can see from just one taste of their meals. Same as with casino games. They don't just play for fun; it's part of French history. Roulette has been played for hundreds of years and is a favourite in France. Play it with an online casino bonus in BGO. If you don't like to use bonus codes you can go to Leo Vegas or Casumo online casino where you get free spins instead. But enough about games...

Here are some of the reasons why French food is so unique:

Their Market is Very Important

Markets in France are a vital part of their culture and it is not just a matter of special markets, weekly markets or the daily ones. Every market is coming from their heritage and can be found in all parts of France. They value the traditional and local market where fresh food is celebrated while supermarkets are considered mostly as western culture.

They Have 2 Hours Dedicated to Lunch

To many, this might seem like a long time to be having lunch but to the French, that is enough time to enjoy the four-course lunch meals. This lunch culture applies to every area of the French including schools. There are schools in France that serve 3 courses at lunch every day.

Who You Share Meals With Matters

In our society today, it is normal to enjoy a great meal with your loved one but because of the busy schedule of most people, this happens rarely. It is much easier to grab a bite at a fast food joint than to sit down with loved ones to enjoy a well-cooked meal. In France, however, there is an importance placed in enjoying a great dining experience with friends and loved ones. French food brings people together and eating alone is always unacceptable. We always miss our fast food joints but it is great to dedicate time to enjoy a great French lunch with your loved ones.

The Wine

French food is incomplete without the rich wine to conclude it. When you talk of wine we are talking about the best you can think of. France is famous for its delicious wine tastes. They have a lot of history with red wines that can’t be compared to any other countries around the world.

How It Has Affected Other Food Cultures

If you want to really understand why French food is unique, then you should see how it affects other cultures cuisines. For example in Vietnam, they introduced as part of their food culture, potatoes, lettuce and asparagus which are largely associated with the French. Also, Vietnam also has adopted a lot of French pastries, coffee, and bread to their modern-day meals. Mexico has food that is largely influenced by French cuisine. Top chefs around the world make add French food to the delicious menus of restaurants and thus shows how much French cuisine is influencing every culture food.

The Unique French Bread

It is like a sacred tradition for most French cuisines to come with their fresh bread. This is very unique from other cultures especially if you look at how the bread is made, handled and eaten.